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I’ve been a student of Jeffrey Armstrong’s for about 2 years, not only because I am very interested in Vedic sciences, knowledge and wisdom, but also because of Jeffrey’s teaching style and personality which is lovingly supported by his wife Sandi. Although I have currently no plans to become an astrologer, I took this great workshop to learn how the whole universe works and the delivery of Karma, but you learn much more about why your life and others is currently as it is, and where you can make adjustments to live up to your full potential.

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Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA) is an on-line educational institute that offers a large curriculum of ancient wisdom for modern times. Founded by Jeffrey Armstrong, a western born guru in the Vedic tradition. We have online programs suitable for beginner yoga practitioners, right up to the advanced Vedanta practitioner. (available as instant MP3 downloads) Twenty years ago, Jeffrey Armstrong predicted that yoga knowledge would lead the western world forward, and he began the process of recording an audio curriculum of the most important tools, techniques and methods of living a deep spiritual life. He interweaves yoga philosophy ‘Sanatan Dharma’, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Veda and tantra, and Western Psychology…it is his deepest wish that you will receive benefit from this great library of Vedic knowledge.

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