AyurVedic Astrology Simplified

Jeffrey Armstrong guides us with integrity and compassion beyond limited conceptions of Astrology, towards a Spiritual Science grounded in ancient and mystical Truths that will speak to your verycore. If you have been an earnest seeker of Truth, you will find it invigorating to discover that there is an entire cosmological story confirming some of your deepest and hard-earned intuitions about Life, Death, everything in between and after. Thanks to the piercing clarity of a man who has dedicated his life to this very revelation, this course will set you on a path from which it may be difficult to look back.

Thank you Jeffrey.

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Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA) is an on-line educational institute that offers a large curriculum of ancient wisdom for modern times. Founded by Jeffrey Armstrong, a western born guru in the Vedic tradition. We have online programs suitable for beginner yoga practitioners, right up to the advanced Vedanta practitioner. (available as instant MP3 downloads) Twenty years ago, Jeffrey Armstrong predicted that yoga knowledge would lead the western world forward, and he began the process of recording an audio curriculum of the most important tools, techniques and methods of living a deep spiritual life. He interweaves yoga philosophy ‘Sanatan Dharma’, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Veda and tantra, and Western Psychology…it is his deepest wish that you will receive benefit from this great library of Vedic knowledge.

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