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The purpose of all yogic paths, is to impart timeless techniques for extracting and perfecting our human potential on the five levels of our existence: the body, energy, mind, discernment and the atma-our immortal self. Each person is born with a specific temperament and inclination and there are 4 specific and unique paths to yogic perfection.

  • Ashtanga Yoga perfects our embodiment beginning with asana, and pranayama.(8 Limbs)
  • Karma Yoga perfects us through action in the world for the good of all,
  • Jnana Yoga perfects us through a more perfect knowledge of life and Nature, who we are and what we are not and
  • Bhakti Yoga perfects us through ecstatic loving emotions and Divine loving service.

The accomplished yogi will at least know of and eventually perfect all four of these sacred paths of yoga practice.

This profound yoga curriculum will lead you down paths of freedom and empowerment that yogis and sages have benefited from for thousands of years. They will reveal powerful insights, inspire profound meditations and create a background of philosophical understanding to support your yoga practice and your search for truth.


For a student or teacher of yoga – these classes provide the most essential parts of your philosophy curriculum and exceeds the minimum requirement of all standard teacher training programs.

SAVE TIME: Jeffrey Armstrong, a scholar and 48-year practitioner of yoga, methodically and transfers this deep wisdom to students with great clarity. Under normal circumstances you would have to spend many years to acquire this depth of knowledge and vision these classes reveal.

This audio program consists of 33 lessons under the following 4 sections: 66 hours of instruction.

Perfecting the 8 Limbs of Yoga: Essentials


The Secret Knowledge of Yoga & Meditation taught in the Vedas and in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Anyone who has been introduced to yoga soon learns that Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) are but two of its practices. These two are part of the eight precise subjects that are known as Ashtanga Yoga, or the Eight Limbed of Yoga system. One of the most famous books from India, “The Yoga Sutras”, compiled by the yoga master Patanjali describes these 8 limbs.

Topics covered in this segment:

  • Asana – The Awareness of Sitting
  • Pranayama – Breath, The Balance of Life
  • Pratyahara – The Withdrawal & Control of the Senses
  • Dharana – The Nature & Control of the Mind
  • Dhyana The Art of Meditation & Its Many Forms
  • Samadhi – The State of Meditative Sameness
  • Yama – The 5 Conscious Restraints for Yogic Action in the World
  • Niyama – The 5 Observances of Individual Conduct
  • Summary Class


Karma Yoga: The Yoga which perfects Action

HIGHLIGHTS: The 9 Empowerments for dharmic & sustainable action in the world and practical yogic principles for your daily life. Whether you are a student, a teacher of yoga, or a busy executive… These inspiring classes (based on the wisdom of the Vedic text – “The Bhagavad Gita”) will reveal powerful insights, profound meditations and create a background of philosophical understanding that will support your yogic practice, your personal life and your business.

Topics covered in this segment:

  • The Global History of Dharma An Introduction to Karma Yoga
  • Karma – The Path of Right Action
  • Overcoming Fear & Depression by Reclaiming Your True Nature
  • Reconnecting With the Supreme Soul Paramatma – The Goal of All Yoga
  • Raja Yoga  – Action on Behalf of the Supreme Being
  • Svadharma – The Secret to one’s personal Karmic path
  • Difference is Real – The Basis of the Philosophy of Karma Yoga
  • Environmentalism as Karma Yoga
  • Service of the Divine – The Secret of Seva
  • Karma Yoga and the Wheel of Birth & Death
  • Summary Class on living Karma Yoga in the Modern World


9 Paths of Bhakti Yoga: The Yoga which perfects Emotion

Devotional meditation or Bhakti Yoga is the process of perfecting our transcendental life through pure loving emotions which then overflows into all our relationships in our daily life.

HIGHLIGHTS: Learn how to remove and replace accumulated stress and negative emotions with positive ones. Yogic techniques that foster pure love, devotion, bliss and ecstatic joy. A variety of devotional mantras and meditation technique for your daily practice. How to cultivate and maintain states of pure loving consciousness at all times.

Topics covered in this segment:

  • Shravanam – The Art of Seeing Through Hearing
  • Kirtanam – The Yoga of Transcendental Sound
  • Vishnu Smaranam – Remembering the All-Pervasive Truth
  • Pada Sevanam – How to Adore and serve the Supreme Beings in all we do
  • Archanam – The Hidden Secret of Divine Forms and their use in Yoga
  • Vandanam – The art of Enthusiasm, Humility and Devotion in A Yogic Vow of Love
  • Dasyam – The Gift of practicing Divine Service
  • Sakyam – The Friend Within in all we do
  • Atma Nivedanam – The Art of total Divine commitment in Everything we do


Jnana Yoga: The Yoga which perfects Discernment

Jñana Yoga is the origin of the word gnosis or knowing and is the process of seeing one’s true self or atma by direct discernment of who we are and what we are not. This four-part module will cultivate your discernment, expand your consciousness of how to succeed in all areas of your life and will accelerate your ongoing journey of enlightenment. It will give you a Universal and global perspective – a bigger and deeper vision of one’s self and understanding of others. This series culminates in introducing the next step in Yogic learning – Vedanta.

Topics covered in this segment:

  • Relighting the Lamp of Wisdom
  • Knowledge of the True Self, Liberation & Cooperation with Nature
  • Understanding Nature, our Individual self & Universal Self
  • The Relationship Between Jnana Yoga & Vedanta
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Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA) is an on-line educational institute that offers a large curriculum of ancient wisdom for modern times. Founded by Jeffrey Armstrong, a western born guru in the Vedic tradition. We have online programs suitable for beginner yoga practitioners, right up to the advanced Vedanta practitioner. (available as instant MP3 downloads) Twenty years ago, Jeffrey Armstrong predicted that yoga knowledge would lead the western world forward, and he began the process of recording an audio curriculum of the most important tools, techniques and methods of living a deep spiritual life. He interweaves yoga philosophy ‘Sanatan Dharma’, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Veda and tantra, and Western Psychology…it is his deepest wish that you will receive benefit from this great library of Vedic knowledge.

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